Friday, April 15, 2011

ECONNECT (Lotus Flower) - New Delhi, India

Copyright Ecohaven Project 2010

Location: New Delhi, India
Status: Completed exhibition - April 2011
Copyright Ecohaven Project 2010

Econnect – (lotus flower concept, design + structure) Jennifer Hoffman + Geoff Hoffman

Collaboration: Love Motel for Insects - Brandon Ballengée

Ecohaven Project’s design process began with research of New Delhi and India.  We wanted to create a structure + space that related to + celebrated the culture in a beautiful + inspiring way.  Inspiration for the design of the Econnect structure is based on the lotus flower.  The lotus flower is the national flower of India + symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge + enlightenment.  Econnect provides connection to the local environment including graphic design concepts that support the educational components of the interior spaces while fostering the opportunity to reflect + be with nature in an otherwise fast-paced city life.

The Econnect lotus flower structure, in collaboration with the Love Motel for Insects concept, supports a 24-hour habitat:  By day, the plants provide a habitat + food source for butterflies.  By night, the exterior of the Econnectstructure supports the Love Motel for Insects concept by incorporating the use of ultraviolet light to provide a nocturnal habitat for moths.  The collaboration support’s the main project concepts of Connection, Education + Sustainability.

Econnect’s sustainable design strategies include: 
  • Designing in a way that minimizes the overall use of materials. 
  • Constructing with local materials + specifying environmentally preferable products to reduce the negative impact on the planet.  
  • Use of indigenous vegetation reduces water usage, maintenance costs + water run-off.  Utilizing white surfaces with a high solar reflectance reduces heat islands.  

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