Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Site Specific - Detroit, MI

Site Specific - Detroit, MI by Ecohaven Project | Make Your Own Book

Ecohaven Project is pleased to announce that the Site Specific - Detroit, MI art book collaboration between Jennifer Hoffman + Geoff Hoffman is now available for purchase through Blurb.  We chose Blurb to self-publish our book after seeing their collaboration with Dwell magazine in their recent photo competition.  This was our first book + we learned a lot in the process. It's not cheap to self-publish a book, but this truly is a labor of love + an important viewpoint that Ecohaven Project wants to explore.  We feel that as designers, architects + artists we need to really look at how + where we live.  To us, this is part of the holistic + multidisciplinary approach that design is gravitating towards. This way of working ultimately supports sustainability of communities + celebrates where we live.

As the book world becomes more digital - art books are becoming more than just books.  We look at Site Specific as being an art object for display (with lots of beauty + joy inside).  It's an investment that is beautiful + means something.  The book has a hardcover with a dust jacket + is a square 7" x 7"  format - the images themselves are 6" x 6".  This size supports the book being an intimate experience + really shares what our intention was: to make beautiful images that capture the unique character + inspiration that we experienced in Detroit during the short 24 hours we had there. The book is a visual story that works in unison with our corresponding website posts. Please read the Hearts DetroitHeidelberg Project Visit posts for more information on what we learned.

Our books will only be available for purchase through Blurb.

Thank you + Enjoy!

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